2 comments on “Eli HOF?

  1. Hi Kranny:

    Eli is a quiet leader who never throws anybody under the bus. I think he will play another 6-8 years. Perhaps the most amazing thing about him is that he has played every single down since he was inserted into the lineup back in his rookie year. Not sure the Giants can keep the offense solid around him, but this season was the first time Manning ever had three WR’s to throw to. He had a bunch of also ran TE’s, and a running game which lacked a real top tier guy, although when healthy Bradshaw was farily solid.

    I will say this. Of the QB’s who were drafted Eli’s year, Id take Manning over Rivers and Big Ben… He’s the total package, without the drama! In this era, character counts for somethin!

    Take care bud,


    • I agree, Joel. Eli is a stand-up, class-act guy just like his brother. Takes the blame when it’s not his fault. Deflects the praise too. They’re both old-school athletes that truly are a chip off the old block. Archie raised them well. Eli’s really stepped up late in games and of course, on the big stage. At times, the bad-Eli still shows up. But far less often. I may be a Philly fan. But I try to be objective.

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